Ways to Work With Me in 2020

In Confidence and Courage, Your Values by Sonja

Here’s what’s coming in 2020! I’m looking forward to helping you bring more magic and happiness into your work and life. Interested in the services below? Contact me to discuss options. If you know someone who could use one of these services, I’d love for you to share this page with them. 

Your Hero Map

How amazing would it feel to move from feeling deeply lost in the muck, to feeling not only hopeful, but downright inspired about your path forward? 

Spend a magical, virtual day with me, as we look deep into the toughest issues you’re facing and move through them with ease and humor. We’ll review your life on all planes – spiritual and physical. We’ll unhook you from the thought patterns that are holding you back, and we’ll create rituals for you that support and nourish your new path forward. This is the life overhaul you have been dreaming of. Includes one month of email support afterwards. 

I’m offering a special New Year’s pricing on these at $750. Snatch up your spot now, availability is limited. Bring a toasty beverage and a large serving of hope, and we’ll do the rest together.

One-on-One Holistic Career Coaching Packages

These packages are designed to help you cure that deep ache you feel about work. To shift your energy and your mindset toward a new path that brings you happiness and joy, whether it’s at your current job, or a new one. Because work is too much of your lifetime for it to suck. 

Packages range from one to twelve sessions. During this time, we will identify your dreams and what’s holding you back – and then get you unblocked and moving. We’ll dig into your beliefs, energy, mindset, as well as your portfolio and resume as needed. Pricing is $750 for four sessions or $2,000 for twelve. Alternatively you can sign up for just one session, $95 for new clients, $195 for returning clients.

All packages include a preliminary channeling from me about your situation, and monthly packages include asynchronous support between sessions, because momentum matters.

À La Carte Options

Perhaps your current needs are a little lighter. Do you need a resume, website, or portfolio review? I’ve seen hundreds of applications, I can help your content avoid common pitfalls and rise above the rest. 

Or, perhaps you’re looking for a different kind of guidance. I offer pranic and reiki energy work, channeling, and tarot readings. You can also select my favorite, “Wizard’s Choice,” in which I will intuitively choose services to create a custom package for you for $100. It’s my favorite because it enables me to check in with my guides (and yours) to find the best fit for you and your situation. And it’s a deal for you, the content is always worth more than $100. 

Online Workshops

I will continue to offer online workshops throughout the year to support you! Keep an eye on the newsletter for scheduling. If you’re not subscribed, you can do so at the top of the homepage.

Company Support

Does your team need guidance, teamwork help, or a fresh look at a tough problem? Email me and let’s chat about options. I offer unconventional and fun team development, employee engagement, leadership coaching, and more. 

About Me

As Director of Web Development, I learned that, above all else, employees need to be supported, not managed. I observed how employees would lose faith in their work and themselves, and I learned how to help them turn that around. I extensively studied behavior and brain science, focusing on topics such as how to shift your mindset, release negative thought patterns, how to move through fear.

I also learned the impact of our approach to our spiritual energy on our work lives. Spirituality, energy, imagination – It all ties together into our experience of life, and it can all be shifted – if we put in the work. I am a certified reiki master, certified Law of Attraction practitioner, I studied pranic energy healing under direct mentorship. I love tarot, runes, channeling, about as much as I love a good spreadsheet.