to the forge

...dun dun duuuuun


to the forge

(...dun dun duuuuun)

Spirit-led, Practical Solutions for Entrepreneurs
Energetic and real-world services to help you make your entrepreneurial dreams a success

What is the Forge?

You wander in to a warm room. In the center, you see a sorceress (spoiler alert: that's me!) sitting at the forge.  You hear a soft "pew," "pew," as sparks fly from her hands. You can't quite tell what she's working on, so you move closer. 

As you approach, you see that she is working on the future of your business.  A future that, until now, you've only dreamed possible. 

While this forge exists in my mind, the work it does is very real. (And, as my clients already know, imagination is a real-world superpower.) There's so much more to a successful, aligned business than a business plan and a marketing strategy. 

As an entrepreneur, you are your business. And that means you need to be clear – not only in your business design, but also in your energy and soul.

My experience as a seer, pranic energy healer, magick worker, and a decade in tech management combine together to create incredible possibilities for your business. Together, we will get your energy biz-ready and create practical plans to help your business be a shiny success.

What do you need to make your business sing?

Let's make it happen. (Pew, pew!)

Fire in hand

Archetypes Reading

Exclusively from Sonja the Grey

With wisdom from the I Ching,
Astrology, HD, and Tarot,
I help you decode the most
important thing in your biz –

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1:1 Support

With a background in management and years of coaching experience, I've spent the last decade helping people find joy they didn't think possible. 

If you feel like you're floating in a balloon that's running out of air, contact me.
Let's talk.

"I'd be in a much more difficult place if it weren't for you."  - A.L.

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Energy & Spellwork

Your Qi, or energy, can get stuck. Like a truck spinning it's wheels in the dirt, you can find yourself expending all your energy to try to get your business moving, and you feel like you're getting nowhere.

Energy blocks can come from anywhere, and they're very normal. And, they can make your work as an entrepreneur so much harder.

Past life work, soul retrieval, energy clearing, can change everything. 
Work feel smooth, clear, easy (or at least, easier).

As a Certified Reiki Master and trained pranic energy worker, I can help you clear energetic walls and get your career moving.

Best part? It's all remote. 

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As with any energy work, this should not replace medical advice. Always consult your medical practitioner.

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Answers & Insight

Need a bit (or a bucket) of insight? We can look at:

  • What is keeping you stuck from building a successful business
  • What your next steps are, for you or in your work
  • What messages Spirit has for you right now

Interested? Book a reading.

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Linda says ...

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this session but I’d taken a class with Sonja before and was so impressed with her intuitive teaching style that I decided to give it a shot.

I was not disappointed. I’m usually only focused on the practical aspects of my business, so I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful the visualization exercise was for me!

Sonja’s breadth of coaching skills set her apart from my previous coaches and I’m glad to have connected with her.

S. writes ...

Working with Sonja to help clear the negative stories consuming my thoughts and controlling the decisions or indecision/hesitations in my life and delaying me from reaching my potential has been a breakthrough with moving forward with more intent and purpose.

Her ability to lead me through the clearing of my negative thoughts which allowed new authentic ideas and possibilities to appear was a powerful experience. I was unsure about visualization but was more than willing to try this process with her and found it surprisingly powerful in getting me in tune with my body and what it’s telling me to do. I would highly recommend working with Sonja. She is so genuinely invested in helping others create their best life and I am so grateful to have met her.

From Kia ...

Sonja is a Neutral and Powerful conduit for change and allowing life and momentum to exist with greater ease and possibility.


About Sonja


Hello! I'm Sonja, aka Sonja the Grey.

As long as I can remember, I have appeared in peoples' lives when they are approaching a big shift in direction. Examples may include changing careers, starting a business, beginning or ending relationships, or navigating painful life events. My superpower is helping people navigate challenging times, with ease, wisdom, grace, and humor.  I help you open doors you've been banging your head against, so that you can run through them instead.

If you've found your way here, it's likely you're facing one of those times. If so, let's talk. No purchase pressure - I only want us working together if you're ready.

Friendly Neighborhood Sorceress

Trained Reiki Master, pranic energy healer, spellcaster, tarot and rune reader, channeler - these are just some of the magickal skills I bring to the table when working with clients. I also wear a lot of scarves. Sorceresses wear scarves, right?

I mean, it's a dragon icon

I have channeled messages from many things not-of-this-world. Dragons, fairies, angels, gods, spirit guides, have all shown up to help guide myself and my clients to their desired results.

It's a pandemic, no shaking

All of my work is completed remotely. Magickal services are delivered as PDF/audio files, and advising sessions can be completed either as a 1:1 call, or as a week of text communication. It's all designed to keep you in the momentum of change.

I like To Art

When my kiddo was born, I painted a wall of superheroes on the bedroom wall. It's huge, awesome, and I'm never doing it again. If anyone knows how to take a wall with you when you move, let me know.

I need help with