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Find Your


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Astrologer ○ Psychic Channel ○ Catalyst for Change

Actionable, soul-led guidance to help you make your next big change.

Birth Chart Reading

Can't find your path?
Feeling unmotivated?

Dive into your purpose with a Birth Chart Reading.

Decode the manual of you. 

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Galanda says ...

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Her talents are beyond words. ... Since Sonja performed her magic on me, I have felt lighter, and breezier, and as if a weight has been lifted off of me. And this was not just a one time thing, I felt this for weeks, and I continue to feel the positive effects of this.

From Jess ...

The birth chart reading I got from Sonja not only unblocked me from where I was stuck, it validated me and helped me find my purpose. It’s been a few months since the reading, and I still feel I’m integrating all the insights that came up.

The depth and breadth of the help I received would have taken me years to work out by myself, even with serious study. I was truly impressed by how helpful this was, and I definitely felt like I got my money’s worth.

I have also received Sonja’s help for energy clearing, spellwork, and general advice before this and she’s never failed to help me out, sometimes to a spooky degree! I’m truly grateful to have a resource like her in my life. I feel like she helped me skip a bunch of years of wondering or skirting around issues and I've been able to move forward a lot faster than I would have been without her.

Amy writes ...

Sonja's a fabulous ally to have on your side, and the birth chart pulls her best magic together in a single offer.

She has this amazing ability to pinpoint qualities you sensed were true about you and dynamics you naturally inhabit but didn't quite consciously know—and make it all clear. From there she guides you into the practical navigation around that revelation. Her spellwork alone fascinates me.

This isn't just one thing but an ecosystem around you, for you. If you're even wondering, then yes, this is for you. 

About Sonja


Hey, it's me! That's my face. I'm Sonja, aka Sonja the Grey.

As long as I can remember, people have appeared in my life when they're facing a big shift. Encounters with me often act as catalysts — like Gandalf is to Frodo ... but hopefully with one less volcano of doom. 

Using my skills as an astrologer, psychic channel, and over a decade in tech management, I help people who are ready to make changes in their life that really work. 

It's like the Universe had a secret manual, all about you, that you've just uncovered in Gramma's basement. (Take your allergy meds, lotta dust down there.) Clients say my readings feel like they've saved years of struggle. 

I've helped people enter new careers, launch successful businesses, begin (and end) relationships, and navigate difficult life events — all with wisdom, support, and humor. 

I help you open doors you might not know are there.

If you've found your way here, it's likely you're facing one of those times. If you'd like to work with me, check out my booking page. No pressure to purchase, ever - I only want us working together if you're ready.

If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?

Let's make it happen. (Pew, pew!)

Friendly Neighborhood Sorceress

Trained Reiki Master, astrologer, pranic energy healer, spellcaster, channeler, that's me. These skills help me connect to what your soul wants you to know, and help me clear out energy that is holding you back. And mindset tools from over a decade in tech and management help me ground the spiritual into practical, actionable support you can use right away. 

I mean, it's a dragon icon

I have channeled messages from many things not-of-this-world. Dragons, fairies, angels, gods, spirit guides, have all shown up to help create the desired results for my clients.

...But really, this text is here entirely so that I could put the dragon icon on the page, because dragons.

It's a pandemic, no shaking

All of my work is remote and asynchronous - there's no appointment for you to attend. After establishing what's happening in your life that you want to shift, your reading is delivered to you via audio file (along with any supplemental documents if relevant). Listen to your reading in your own time.

I like To Art

When my kiddo was born, I painted a wall of superheroes on the bedroom wall. It's huge, awesome, and I'm never doing it again. If anyone knows how to take a wall with you when you move, let me know.

I need help with my