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heal your story.

Shamanic wizardry to help you shatter your status quo.

Hey, it's me! That's my face. I'm Sonja, aka Sonja the Grey.

I offer shamanic healing using both traditional and present-day influences.

When you enter my world, you'll find magick with runes and D20s, and convos with Odin and Gandalf.

Because both realms matter. The old lore carries great spiritual energy anchored in time and tradition. And, the modern world - with all its movies, books, video games - carries a vibrant, living spiritual energy. You can use both old and new to create change in your life.

And for many, the modern energies are easier to access! Spiritual healing isn't just for those well versed in old mythology and practice. It's accessible through so many modern day tools.

We don't all experience spiritual connection the same. Some may feel grounded standing barefoot in mud, while others prefer sitting in a crowded cafe. Some people connect with nature by camping in the woods, while others connect with nature by flying into the wind on a bike, in a car, or on a plane.

With my work, I help you heal your connection to spirit, to bring clarity of purpose and direction.

I do this work because I want to live in a world where people do work they love - that lights them up and makes them fucking excited to be here.

I want to live in a world where you get to live your dream, because that's the world I want to pass on to my kids.

Meeting me tends to catalyze change in your life ... like Gandalf to Frodo (but hopefully -1 volcano of doom).

I will help you heal your energy, connect with Spirit in a way that makes sense for you, and get shit moving in your life the way you want it to go.

If you're ready for THAT kind of change, the kind of change that shifts your world forever - I'm here to help.

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." - Gandalf

Let's make it happen

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The Bridge Membership

Get spiritual, intuitive support.

In this membership, you receive group energy work, intuitive guidance, prompts, exclusive content - and a new, growing community to share it with.

For $10 a month.

This is the most affordable way to get my skills working for you in your life.

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1:1 Services

Discover who you are and open up a world of possibility.

My clients feel deeply seen and understood, while I bring wisdom and humor to all my work (because let's be real, this shit is too hard without humor).

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Take The Journey

Do you want to change your life?

This package is like having a wizard in your pocket. Working with me long term helps you break through that stuck, trapped feeling you've been fighting and begin to create the life you've dreamed of.

Ongoing spiritual support, intuitive messages, energy clearings ... and gifs! Because everybody needs a good gif now and then.

The cost is $600 per month for a minimum of three months, and is only available to two clients at a time.


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No pressure to purchase, ever. The kind of work you'll be doing requires you to be ready and on-board, which means if I have to push you to buy, it's not the right time.


Galanda says ...

Galanda B video testimonial image

Her talents are beyond words. ... Since Sonja performed her magic on me, I have felt lighter, and breezier, and as if a weight has been lifted off of me. And this was not just a one time thing, I felt this for weeks, and I continue to feel the positive effects of this.

From Jess ...

Working with Sonja has not only unblocked me from where I was stuck, her work validates how I am feeling, and has helped me find my purpose. It’s been a few months since working with her, and I still feel I’m integrating all the insights from our work together.

The depth and breadth of the help I received would have taken me years to work out by myself, even with serious study. I was truly impressed by how helpful this was, and I definitely felt like I got my money’s worth.

I’m truly grateful to have a resource like her in my life. I feel like she helped me skip a bunch of years of wondering or skirting around issues and I've been able to move forward a lot faster than I would have been without her.

Amy writes ...

Sonja's a fabulous ally to have on your side.

She has this amazing ability to pinpoint qualities you sensed were true about you and dynamics you naturally inhabit but didn't quite consciously know—and make it all clear. From there she guides you into the practical navigation around that revelation. Her spellwork alone fascinates me.

This isn't just one thing but an ecosystem around you, for you. If you're even wondering, then yes, this is for you. 

Friendly Neighborhood Sorceress

Shamanic healer and energy worker, Reiki Master, astrologer, spellcaster, intuitive ... that's me! These skills help me connect to what your soul wants you to know, and help me clear out energy that is holding you back. I also work with mindset tools from over a decade in tech and management that help me ground spiritual magic into practical, actionable support you can use right away.

I like To Art

When my kiddo was born, I painted a wall of superheroes on the bedroom wall. It's huge, awesome, and I'm never doing it again. If anyone knows how to take a wall with you when you move, let me know.

It's a pandemic, no shaking

All of my work is remote, because #pandemic. Win for both of us: pajamas!

I mean, it's a dragon icon

How could I not use a dragon icon? So here's a dragon icon.

It's time for your next big change.