Weekend Energy – August 29-30

In Energy Update, Limiting Beliefs by Sonja

A question I keep wrestling with …

Energy reports are all fine and good, but what the fuck good are they when the world is burning?

Why do I care about where the moon is today when some [white] punk can kill people in a crowd and then go home?

It’s something I keep coming back to, and I’m not going to jump into “love and light”.

What I do know, is that I need to be in both places.

I need to be pissed off and fighting for what’s right – which for me, means voting, educating myself, confronting racism when I encounter it, and working with people on understanding toxic positivity (which, by the way, if you don’t understand how positivity can be toxic, and are scared to ask anyone because people are jumping all over each other these days – I will lovingly discuss this with you in a welcoming, warm-hearted, non-accusational way).

I also need to keep working on helping people find their way to whatever path it is they are looking for (or that is looking for them). Because the more of us out there finding our path, the more energy we all have to fight the bullshit. The stronger we feel on good days, the (hopefully) easier the bad days are.

Because we’re still human. We need to feel strong and empowered while also sometimes weak and sometimes sad and sometimes angry.

So, why the moon? It’s one of the ways I know how to help some of you. It’s how maybe, I can make a difference in your day, and maybe that difference makes a difference in somebody else’s day. Maybe it empowers you just enough to make a shift that matters. Maybe it helps you feel connected to other people just enough that you feel less alone next time you feel sad or frustrated at **waves hands around**. It’s how I gain strength to keep fighting for what’s right.

And with that …

Position of the Moon, August 29-30

This weekend’s moon is like a giant breath, starting with the exhale. Today’s energy brings a squeeze as we move through Hexagrams 61, 60, and 41. This morning, in contemplating this writing and why I do it, I was solidly in the energy of 61, “Inner Truth.” I had to know why I was doing this, before I could do it.

Inner truths can sometimes feel hard to hear, when there’s all this other noise of the “shoulds” and “supposed tos”. It’s often the quieter voice, gentler. Sometimes, too, it’s big and loud, when you know something happening is wrong. Either one can be your right time to act, and only you can know when that is.

From there we roll on in to 60, Limitations. Limits are often thought to be a bad thing. However, from limits, we build energy. If we just inhaled, we wouldn’t release carbon dioxide, we wouldn’t move our energy. Limits create direction – limits give you a way to go, by showing you which ways not to go.

The key here, is to find the limits that support your best way forward. And in the form of daily energy, this might be as simple as cutting back on how much you try to do in one day, how much you expect of yourself. Allow rest. Allow exploration. Allow less to be a good thing when you need it to be.

As you discern which limits serve you, you may also find yourself releasing, bringing us to Hexagram 41, Diminishing; Decreasing. Letting go of the excess that isn’t needed or wanted.

These decreasing energies can feel tough when you feel like they’re dragging you forward without your permission. If that’s happening, is there anything you can change about the situation you’re in that would help? Is it a tough but necessary conversation with a family member or coworker? Is it releasing yourself from an obligation that doesn’t suit you?

Is there something you need to get back to for yourself, something you let go of along the way? Maybe it’s something simple, like getting back to the paper you started to read in the morning, but didn’t get to finish. Maybe, it’s something bigger.

Tomorrow we move into Hexagram 19, “Approach.” It is the arrival of something new. Something strong, something significant. Context matters, of course. “Something significant” in this context doesn’t predict a lotto-winner in your future. More like, you may feel refreshed, inspired. Maybe a new possibility opens to you that wasn’t there before. Maybe it’s more subtle. Maybe not. Awareness of the potential, and willingness to move with it, is what can help here.

Later on, we move into 13, “Harmony.” It is a cooperative, community hexagram. This may show up as a relief in relationships – aligned relationships may feel especially supportive tomorrow evening. Misaligned relationships may feel extra sticky. If so, might there be a way to find harmony together, or does that relationship need some space?

Influences this weekend:
61 Connecting to Centre; Inner Truth
60 Articulating; Limitations; Restricting
41 Diminishing; Decreasing
19 Nearing; Approach
13 Harmony; Concording People

4 of Pentacles; 5 and 6 of Swords
XV The Devil; Capricorn
XXI The World; Saturn
XVII The Star; Aquarius
0 The Fool; Uranus