Weekend Energy – August 22-23

In Energy Update by Sonja

Moon transitions for August 22-23; copyright Sonja the Grey, 2020. So much 2020.

This morning I was working on the Weekend Energy and nothing felt right. Everything felt off. 

Welp. Turns out, rather than looking at the hexagram numbers, I had started looking at the number I use to sort them into the astrological order. I was looking at the absolute wrong information. 🤦‍♀️🤣

So I want to start today’s write up by saying, listen to your instincts. (You hear me, me?! 😆) When something feels off, give that feeling some time and space to expand, so that you can see what it is. Is there something that needs adjustment, something that feels off?

It’s okay to give your intuition the space it needs to be heard. 

Okay. So. I almost gave up, but I persevered, looked up the correct information … and turns out, the Hexagram we’re moving into right now, this afternoon (US time), is 32, “Persevering.” (ALRIGHT already, I see you, Universe!) “Persist in your way of life or the thing you are doing. This is not a mistake. It will bring profit and insight.” [Stephen Karcher, How To Use The I Ching]

Note that perseverance isn’t automatically connected to “doing.” Perseverance is “lasting.” You can have lasting rest, as well as lasting action. We’re so programmed in our society to “do.” Rest is just as important (probably more so). 

Tonight, we shift into Hexagram 50, The Cauldron; The Vessel.

Hexagram 50: “The Cauldron” or “The Vessel.”
Hexagram outline from Ben Finney on Wikipedia; swirly goodness from Unsplash.

Sometimes, I just briefly touch on the hexagram that happens overnight, but tonight’s is especially juicy for night time. This a night of transformation, of symbolism and vision. A night of connecting to your guides through imagery. 

How PERFECT is that for dreaming?? 

[[ Interlude ]]

You can utilize your dreams to check in with your guides/the Universe/your higher self. If there is a burning question/concern/point of confusion/interest that you would like input on from your guides, ask them for guidance from your dreams. Before you go to bed, take a moment to relax. Then, ask your guides, “what can you tell me about X situation?” or, “What do I need to know about X situation?” Or if there’s a more specific question you’re tuning into, ask that. You may find that writing about it first helps, but it’s not necessary. 

When I ask for information from my dreams, I also find it useful to set some boundaries. I’ll ask my question, and then I’ll ask for the response to be clear, memorable, and free from anything too scary (my dreams can get intense, y’all). If a particular phobia tends to haunt your dreams, you can ask for that to be excluded as well. 

In the morning, if you remember anything, write it down. The messaging that comes in first thing in the morning can feel so clear and memorable, and slide away quickly as basic physical needs come into the forefront of our minds. 

This does take practice and it may be that you try this tonight and can’t remember your dreams at all. That’s okay, and even if you can’t remember, setting the intention gives space for the communication to happen, and it’s very likely that you were able to connect, and your subconscious remembers, even if your mind can’t quite grab on. 

[[ End Interlude ]]

Tomorrow morning’s energy may include a feeling of pressure, struggle, transition. Stay focused on what matters most to you. This is a time of decision making, of allowing the transformation that wants to occur. 

“There is a creative purpose at work in the breakdown.” … “If your situation does not nourish you, if it will not support new growth, push it over and leave.”

Stephen Karcher, How To Use The I Ching, Hex 28

Afterwards, the energy drops into a more playful feel. New connections, fun encounters, with loved ones or with spirit. Where this energy can go sour is in trying to hold on to an experience or encounter that is already done. It’s okay to let it go. 

Both the hexagrams of Sunday have a “hidden possibility”* of harnessing your creative power through Hexagram 1, “The Creative; Force” … which ALSO happens to be the hexagram that the moon moves into on Monday. Hot damn. Lots of creative energy moving right now. 

Alllll of the energy this weekend has this undercurrent of transformation, movement, change. Staying tuned in to what matters most to you, and following that through. And recognizing when it’s time is done, to let it go. 

*Normally, a hexagram consists of two trigrams (two sets of three lines) stacked on top of each other. The I Ching is all about change (literally “The Book of Change”), so in any reading, you’re always looking for what might come next. The “Hidden Possibility” is a technique for reading a hexagram and how it might be able to be “transformed” into a new one using the lines in the middle.