Today’s Energy – “Jaws” and “Returning”

In Energy Update by Sonja

I wasn’t going to do one of these this weekend.

Then, I read the energy for today, and I changed my mind.

Today’s energy is all about your mouth. … Kinda weird, right?

Today the moon is in Hexagram 27, moving in to 24 later this evening. Hexagram 27, is translated as “Nourishment,” “Corner of the Mouth,” and in at least one translation, “Jaws.”

As you might expect, the translation lends itself well to a literal observance of what you put in your face. Thankfully, though, this isn’t a lecture on a balanced diet, or staying firm in your keto plan.

Yesterday a friend of mine, Coen Vazquez, asked, “What food, after you eat it, makes you feel vibrant?”

After. Vibrant.

So many foods light us up before we eat them. Some simply make us feel satiated after.

Vibrant, though, is another thing all together. It may not be about perfect nutrients for a diet plan.

It may be about filling your soul.

Hexagram 27 is about nourishment. Fuel. It’s your literal, three-dimensional sustenance that fuels your body, heart, and soul.

Chai, for me, is one. Dried pineapple is another. Both of these leave me feeling so grounded, connected to life.

And, as you might suspect, it’s also about how you nourish your spirit, and the spirit of those around you. What can you take in today that will, as my kiddo’s preschool class used to say, “fill your bucket”? Who can you inspire, send love to, express gratitude toward?

As the evening progresses, we move into 24, “Returning.” Energy, spirit feeling refreshed. “A time of re-birth” (Stephen Karcher). Fueled by the energy of 27, we have an evening of renewal.

Both of these lend their energy well to a return to creative energy. This can be kind of confusing! Creative energy is about spending energy, not so much about conserving and refueling.

Which is ultimately why I wanted to write this today. We’re in a society that is driven by your ability to expend energy. There’s little in our world right now that encourages you to refuel.

We talk about it on social media a lot (especially because #2020), and of course we have the entire “self care industry” profiting off of how burned out we are.

Our system doesn’t support it … not easily. It’s why I’m creating my new birth chart system – to help people identify how they best refuel.

Because the system doesn’t own all of your time, and I want you to be able to fuel up in the way that is best for you.

Today, because of the energy that is in the air, it might be a little easier to notice what really fuels you up. What feels good. Sometimes, our experiencing of a moon energy is just our ability to notice. You might be having a crazy busy day – what draws your attention as something that would feel really nourishing? It might be easier to identify and make note of for later, when you have time.

It doesn’t have to be a bath with $100 worth of products luxuriously strewn about (though if that’s your bag, by all means, strew away.) (Did you know that “strew” was the present tense of “strewn?” I did not. I will strew something today, in honor of this knowledge. //rustling noises// … there. I strewed.)

It might be a walk. Or a chat with an old friend. It might just be sitting and watching your neighbor’s cat chase a bug.

For me, it’s a good cup of chai. It’s feeding the crows peanuts, and hoping the scrub jays don’t get them first. It’s divination, magick, and channeling my guides in magical places. It’s playing Runebound with the fam (which I intend to do this afternoon if all goes well).

What fills you up?