Neptune energy, comin’ right up!

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Neptune is comin’ in hot in the next few weeks!

Okay not really, I’m pretty sure it’s very cold out that direction. But regardless of temperature, let’s take a look at what Neptune represents and what’s coming up.

Neptune is the release of boundaries, and everything that means, both literal and metaphorical.

This is the space where dreams evolve, where enthusiasm and creativity play, and where imagination rules.

Your imagination, btw, may create the imaginary, but that is only one of it’s many functions. Imagination is also your access point not only to creativity and adaptation, but also into mystical realms. Here you can access your own energy, shaping it into the form that best suits you, if you so choose. You can walk in other worlds to see what they have to offer and teach.

With strong Neptune energy, you can connect to your intuition. You can ask for signs that help bring you direction.

Neptune energy is vast, and unboundered. … is that a word? It should be. … okay let’s see here … Oh! “Unbounded: having or appearing to have no limits.” Yes, okay. This is what I mean. 🤣 Neptune energy is limited only by what you believe is possible. Neptune leaves the restrictions, rules, and obligations to other energies, like Saturn.

And when Neptune energy is out of balance, we get a wobbly planet. (j/k. Sort of.) .. .Okay, so I just looked up whether Neptune has a wobble, and apparently Neptune’s got two moons that have very similar orbits, but one is tilted in such a way as to never come too close to each other, and astronomers call it a “dance of avoidance.”

Lemme tell ya, thank you, Neptune astronomers, for the tangent turned segue. Neptune energy out of balance is exactly a dance of avoidance. When this energy is out of whack, we see things like seeing things, confusion, longing, despair, victim mindsets, problematic spiritual connections.

I believe this is why we see Neptune get such a bad rap so very often. Modern society often condemns connection to everything Neptune, unless it’s within a very strict set of rules. Spirituality is great! But often only within the confines of certain religions. Imagination is fantastic, so long as it’s being used constructively or only during particular scenarios.

We’ve wrapped up Neptune energy in a bunch of rules … which is exactly where Neptune energy does not want to be. This can throw things off balance when Neptune energy comes into play in your life when you (or those around you) are not ready for it. Because Neptune energy isn’t ever about the one. It is not an energy of an individual nature. Because blurred boundaries, y’all! I am you, you are me, we are one type vibes here. So if the community rejects what’s coming in, it’s going to be more difficult for everybody.

In the last few decades, Neptune energy has been opening up, becoming more accessible. Deeper access to guides, intuition, all the good stuff.

Okay. So here’s what we’ve got coming up. In the next little while, we’ve got …

  • Mercury moving into Pisces on the 9th, which is ruled by Neptune, so bringing communication and mind energy to Neptune and Spirit connections
  • Sun conjunction Neptune on the 13th, bringing further intensification of Neptune energies for a few days there
  • And then, this is where it gets interesting … Neptune sextile the North Node (which also means trine the South Node) from March 15th through April 16th

This, potentially, brings a huge amount of Spiritual help to your sense of direction, meaning, fulfillment over the next month – if you ask for it. If you are ready to walk through that door and ask for help. Because that’s one thing about Spirit work, at least in my experience … ya gotta ask, ya gotta be looking for those signs, and ya gotta be willing to believe, on some level, that they are signs at all.

That’s it for today. If you would like help using these energies to your advantage, join me over in my Membership. I offer daily supportive tools, and real life interaction from me to help you transform your life. Membership helps support the work I do, and I do my best to support my members. Check it out at Have a great day, and I will see you next time!