Triple Conjunction This Week

In Energy Update, Podcast by Sonja

Alright y’all, this week has some big isht going on!

First we’ve got the New Moon — yeah yeah, big deal. This pales (no pun intended) in comparison to the conjunction that’s coming up in the wee hours on Thursday.

Venus, Mars, and Pluto form a rare triple conjunction this week. This peaks on Thursday, though I suspect it will feel the most potent on Wednesday the 2nd.

Relationships are getting shook. Old, unsupportive, “relationship in name only” connections are breaking down.

Any time Pluto brings a transformative touch to a situation, it’s not likely to be subtle.

For some, this may be an incredibly powerful time. You may discover new relationships, or new ways of interacting with the world that help you feel whole and alive.

For others, this may spotlight some tough areas that need an overhaul. If you’re in this space, you haven’t done anything wrong, you’re not broken, and you haven’t missed an opportunity in this transformative conjunction.

Astrology meets you where you are. If there’s something that needs to fall apart before you can rebuild, then that’s what’s likely. If you’re already in a growth stage, then that gets amplified.

This week will be an important week to honor your emotions, and follow your instincts.

If you need to grieve a change, do it. Don’t shove yourself into a happy place because that’s how “they say” to manifest great things. It really doesn’t work that way, despite best intentions by many a meme maker.

Alignment comes when we honor where we are. Honor the change you need right now. Follow your intuition (or, start learning what that means – it’s different for everybody, and this week is going to give you some big hints as to how your intuition shows up).

Later this week, you may find things start to feel more open, and a sense of relief may settle in. There will still be work to do and feelings to feel, but toward the weekend, there’s an energy of openness, and possibility.

A chance to lean in and see where your future is headed.

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