Weekend Energy – August 15-16

In Energy Update by Sonja

First … What is an energy report?

It’s different things for different people. For some, it’s divination. To me, I see it as an undercurrent. A theme. Your experience of the theme might be very different than mine, as might your response. When it’s raining, you may decide it’s the best time for a walk, and I may decide to curl up on the couch with a book. The rain is the same – our interactions with it differ. It’s not a directive, or order from the Universe to do a particular thing, even if sometimes, it may read as such. When I’m feeling “stop” energy, the best thing for me to do might be to rest – the best way for another person to “stop” might be to go for a hike and get out of their 9-5.

As for this weekend …

Weekend Energy August 15-16

The energetic theme this weekend has a slow and steady feel to it, with a building of energy that isn’t quite ready to be expressed.

We start off with the moon in Hexagram 52, “Keeping Still” or “Bound.” This marks the end of a cycle, a point at which to intentionally stop and stabilize. This is happening overnight and in the wee hours Saturday AM for most, so that’s convenient.

From there, we roll on in to Hexagram 39, “Obstacles” or “Difficulties.” There’s a relationship theme here, of struggling with loved ones. (Seems to be a running part of #2020 for many.) The question this Hexagram is asking you is, who do you depend on, and is that working for you, or is a course correction needed?

Here we move into Saturday night/Sunday morning, with Hexagram 53 (“Gradual Progress”) and 62 (“Preponderance of the Small” or “Small Exceeding”). This energy adapts. Slow movement forward, not pushing. If you imagine yourself small and nimble, unassuming, how would you gently maneuver through the issues at hand?

And then we wrap up the Sunday with 56, “The Wanderer.”

📸Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash, I Ching Hexagram 56 from Ben Finney on Wikipedia📸

This energy brings a feeling of distance from your typical social structures, perhaps a feeling of being an outsider. Even with the progress made over the weekend, you may find you’re seeing more of the shadow of your relationships this weekend, and evaluating what matters most to you.


Sometimes (or really, almost always) when I’m working with energy, a metaphor evolves as an illustration of the energy. For this one, I saw a man, walking along the ocean beach in the evening. It’s peaceful, the end after a long string of events have come to a close.

He gets a call from a close friend who’s upset, and despite his best efforts to help, he finds himself deep in an issue he didn’t see coming. Slowly, he attempts to navigate the issue as best he can – but it’s bringing up some important questions about this friendship.

After the call, he makes his way back to the house he’s been staying at, where a party is underway. After the feeling of winding down followed by the unexpected argument with his friend, he feels distant at the party. It doesn’t feel like his place tonight. He wanders the party, observing, noticing, taking in the fun but not fully experiencing it himself.

He decides the best thing for him to do is to politely step away from the events of the evening, and find a place to reflect, so he heads up to his room where it is quiet and restorative. He can feel things are changing, that things will be ramping up soon, that a new chapter is beginning. The best he can do now is be clear in his best way forward, in what matters now, and what he may be releasing.


As mentioned above, the energy of the weekend is not your fortune. It’s not telling you what will happen to you this weekend, but it may help inform how you can engage with it. What these ideas mean to you, where you see them appear in your weekend, and how they might give you an opportunity to see your experience in a new, shared light.

Oh and … this weekend also has the yang, “doing” energy beginning to build. There’s an opportunity in this weekend’s energy to build slow momentum in relationships or projects where you may have been feeling stagnant for a while.

🤓Tarot influences throughout the weekend that informed the above energy: Two, Three, and Four of Cups; The Chariot; The High Priestess/Moon; and at the tail end of the weekend, Five of Wands with Strength and The Sun.🤓

P.S. A note about Time …

I have been waffling on these reports as to whether or not to include times that the moon goes through any particular Hexagram. For now, I’ve decided not to. From what I’ve seen, too many people experience the moon energy at different times – some people are always slightly ahead, some right in sync, some slightly behind. And, there’s no switch that’s flipped at that exact moment in time – the transitions fade from one to the next. Now with that said, there’s no harm in wondering about them, too, and sometimes those times mark real moments that something shifted for people that weekend. So if you ever want to know the exact time, I’m more than happy to share, feel free to ask.