Weekend Energy – August 8-9

In Energy Update by Sonja

This weekend has some big energy in it as the moon moves through three very powerful I Ching Hexagrams: 51, Arousing; 42, Increase; and 3, Difficulty in the Beginning (or “Sprout,” my new favorite translation).

“The Arousing” – where we are right now – is made up of two “Thunder” trigrams. For those of you familiar with Tarot, is a lot like the Tower card (which is also an influence this weekend). It’s big change, a shake up, a lot going on. It’s a burst of “doing”, yang energy.

🤓Other influences this weekend for those who enjoy the details: Moon’s currently in Aries, which is associated with the Emperor card. So the Emperor and Tower are workin’ all weekend – it’s a very masculine, yang energy this weekend.🤓

Hexagram 51 and the Tower card can be really uncomfortable if you’re holding tight to the way things were. Or it can be energizing and invigorating if you are ready for the energy to move and to shake things up.

Overnight, we move into 42, “Increase,” furthers the energy of 51, but the potential turmoil, the thunder, is gone. In 42 the energy moves smoothly (might make for some interesting dreams later, though).

Tomorrow during the day, we move into 3, “Difficulty in the Beginning.” The movement you felt with 42 might bump into some obstacles here – the key in 3 is to go with the flow. Like a small sprout pushing up through the dirt, it doesn’t fret as it encounters a rock, but instead slides around the side and up toward the sky, breaking through the soil to grow.

42 and 3 are both associated with the Four of Wands, which carries a feeling of hope, harmony, success. Stick with your inner knowing, to see what opens up for you this weekend.


So what IS this, what do you DO with this information?

First, know that this is the moon moving through the sky, and clips on through _each_ of these energies _every_ month. So even though it’s “tower” card level energy, it’s not the harbinger of mass destruction (or at least … probably not! 🙈). Nor is a card like “Increase” (or, in some translations, “Abundance,” necessarily mean you’re going to win the lottery.

What you CAN take from it is …

… A deeper understanding of how you’re feeling. Sometimes, if a deep struggle energy pops up, it’s helpful to know that maybe it’s not your own feeling to begin with, maybe it’s coming from the energy of the world around you.

… A sense that others are going through the same thing, together.

… A bit of an idea how you might approach tonight and tomorrow.

… Extra focus on staying open to change, seeing what is being offered to you through the wind that’s clearing away the fog.

Astrological energies don’t have to dictate what you do with your day, month, life. They can help inform how you do what you do. It’s as if you were planning a road trip to see family (you know, back when we traveled), and the forecast called for heavy thunder on your route. It’s not going to stop you from traveling, but it might change how you prepare.

Same thing here with energy. In a simple example, let’s say you have a call with a friend today. You wouldn’t need to cancel the call because you might find yourself arguing or struggling to communicate. What you could do is go in with an extra helping of patience for loved ones, and check in on the feelings underneath the frustration.

Or as events happen in your day, is there something that these unexpected events are shaking up? Is there a win on the other side of the sudden change?

I hope you find these updates useful. I use the I Ching and associated Tarot for readings, birth charts, energy work, and more. Would love to have you join my mailing list to receive regular updates like this one. 💜⚡🔮

Pop in the comments below if you’re feeling it, and as always, let me know if you have any questions.

✏️I Ching Hexagram 51 mask from Ben Finney on Wikipedia
📸Lightning photo from Breno Machado on Unsplash