Full Moon, Oct 1

In Energy Update by Sonja

Tomorrow’s full moon is a brute, y’all.

Don’t fret though, I’ve got some strategies for you at the end. If you just want to jump to the hope, pop on down to the purple hearts. I won’t mind.
Ready? Buckle up, here we go …

The moon spends most of tomorrow moving through 17, “Following.” The moon in this hexagram is like being in a river with a strong current. All connected, a series of events moving along, with a flow that is hard to resist.

Just after turning completely full, the moon moves into 21, “Biting through” or “eradicating.” (Doesn’t sound particularly gentle, does it.) This hexagram is about cutting through to the core of things, seeking out the truth and ripping it out in its entirety.

The 2 and 3 of wands support these hexagrams – visualizing the future, making plans, expanding.

… Which are also supported by The Tower (Mars) and The Emperor (Aries). The Tower is a card of destruction. Situations collapsing to make room for the new. The Emperor represents justice, a firm and just rule.

Normally, this is a somewhat heavy stretch of days. And, it’s worth noting that the moon moves through every hexagram each month. Which means, every month, at some point, we roller-coaster our way through these gates. So whatever your experience of this particular roller coaster is, might be how you feel tomorrow, only amplified some, because full moon.

Or to put it another way – perspective and context are needed. Remembering that when looking at the day-to-day, the energy isn’t necessarily huge.

Soooo yeah, about the context …

Mars is in its own sign right now, in Ares. Which, you might have noticed above, is the same as the moon (Tower, Emperor). This amplifies the aspects of Mars – power, agression, anger, sex.

Mars is a planet of action. And, right now, it’s in retrograde, which has the potential to frustrate that action. Tomorrow specifically, it’s in Hexagram 42, or “Abundance.” So, amplify all that a smidge.

Then Pluto later in the week (and we’re already feeling this) becomes direct, which means that we feel the intensity of Pluto a little more strongly – revelation, truth.

Earth happens to be in 17 this week, too. Earth, where our sense of stability comes from, has been thrown in the current with little chance to steer.

And you know, #2020, and all that.

To roll all this together – tomorrow the energy is going to be a strong current of power. Energies that are struggling with power (in your life, or globally) might surge. More tensions might break.

That break is making space for something new. There’s big turmultuous energy in 2020 (and after), you don’t need an energy report to know that.

We’re tearing down a lot this year, which leaves space for something new in it’s place.


So, what to do about tomorrow.

One of the first things is, maybe you don’t have to “do” anything. If you imagine yourself in a shallow river that’s got a strong current going, maybe the best thing to do is lean back, and let it carry you, until it opens up and settles down.

What does that look like outside of the metaphor?

  • Observe what’s happening around you before you react. Is the event in front of you, be it in real life or on TV, being fueled by anger, frustration, testosterone? If it’s not something you need to engage with, can you shut it off, walk away? If it is something you need to engage with …
  • Observe what’s happening in yourself before you act. Do you feel extra amped? Can you take a break to cool down before engaging? Even a break of 10 seconds, to just slow your breathing (through the nose if you can), might be enough, if you need to stay engaged.
  • Make extra time for yourself tomorrow. Allow yourself extra time with things that settle you. Put your feet on the grass, breathe in the sky, stick your hands in potted plant dirt if you need to (if it’s okay with your plant). (Can’t decide if I’m kidding or not? Yeah, neither can I.)
  • Start tomorrow morning with a boundary practice. If you already have one, tomorrow’s a good day to use it. If not, imagine yourself in a bubble that absorbs amazing supportive energy around you, and disperses difficult energies out into space where they can simply dissolve.
  • Go for a walk. Movement tomorrow will help burn off the aggressive energies and help you regain your sanity.
  • Treat yourself. Whatever that means to you.
  • If the energy around you is okay … Take action! Tomorrow is a good day for riding the power energy toward your own ends, as long as you can stay in the flow and allow for shifts in direction.

Remember that tomorrow’s energy also holds the power to visualize the future. The ability to look past the chaos, into the space it will leave behind. To decide what will stand in its place.