Self-Care Is Not Always Sunny

In Energy Update, Self-Care by Sonja

Original image by Bessi from Pixabay

Sometimes, self-care looks like anger.
Sometimes, it’s running as hard as you can into a strong wind.
Sometimes, it’s wrestling a tree instead of hugging it. (Spoiler alert: it’ll probably be a tie.)
These days, there’s a lot of focus on rest and relaxation when it comes to taking care of yourself. And it’s no surprise – as a culture, and particularly in the workforce, the pressure on the individual to produce has been out of sync with how the human body works for a long, long time.
So rest is needed, no argument here.
That doesn’t mean it’s the only kind of self-care.
There’s an energy of change and action in the air right now – Saturn square Uranus is like grampa confronting the rebellious young adult; the Moon is in a position with a “confront danger” kind of vibe today; Spring moving into Summer is a time of taking action.
It may be that for the next little while, if you feel agitated, it may not be about needing recoup your energy.
It might be that you need to use it.
To find where things feel stuck or stagnant, and give them a kick.
Action step: Consider if there’s somewhere that things aren’t working for you anymore. What’s one step you can take to change it? What can you do to help yourself take that first step?
Use this prompt to journal, draw, or mull over while you make your next meal. See what comes up.
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