Moon Opposite Pluto: April 19th and May 16th, 2021

In Energy Update by Sonja

Moon and Pluto in the sparring ring today.

The moon’s opposite Pluto today, through tonight (PDT).
If you’re feeling scared or maybe hopelessness, this might be a contributing factor.


Pluto asks where you can transform. Where do you need to reimagine what’s possible.

For the next couple months, Pluto is sending us an energy I call “The Boundary.” This powerful position asks you to look at where you may be limiting your thoughts and expectations. Pluto throws these limits under a microscope for you to examine and tear down (if you are so inclined).

When you throw the moon in there in opposition, the emotions feel bigger and more difficult. Changes feel more threatening. (Cue fear and hopelessness.)

With a big energy like this, the first thing to do is recognize it for what it is. Desire to change on one side, fear of change on the other, with an extra boost of energy from the crowd that is the Universe.

This can make it just a bit easier to not claim these feels as anything that defines you. You may still feel them … that’s okay. There’s no shame in the big feelings. They help show us where we want (or don’t want) to go.

The Moon has a gift in this energy, too. The Moon is in “The Wanderer” energy – an energy of quest and adventure, of opportunity. The moon says, “this challenge from Pluto, feels scary … and, I can see some possibility here.” This energy recognizes that our lives are always changing and developing, and gives us an opportunity to peek through a new door and see what’s possible.

If the feeling is overwhelming, let yourself be in it for now. Tomorrow may feel better. Visit some of these questions over the next month: Where do I want to create boundaries? Where do I feel limited, how can I expand in those areas?

On May 16th (PDT), the moon will be back in this same relationship to Pluto – a good time to check back in. Has anything shifted since today? Do any of your boundaries feel stronger, or weaker? And if you feel that dip of emotion again on the 16th, remember that it’s an ever changing journey, and tomorrow is another day.

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