Moon Weather, Nov 18, 2020

In Energy Update by Sonja

Today’s moon position is a pretty dynamic one.

Right now, we’re in Hexagram 54, “The Marrying Maiden.” This position brings an energy of transformation, of something shifting that is outside your control.

This can show up a lot of ways. It can feel frustrating if the change is something you don’t want, or are pushing against in some way.

And, part of Hexagram 54 is revealing hidden potential, bringing new possibilities.

So if we’re pushing against a change, this can be a really frustrating point in time. There’s no shame if that’s where you’re at, either – that’s a normal human response to change that can be in the body and feel outside of your control. And if that’s where you’re at, consider grounding techniques that help you feel safe – a secluded walk, a rest in a bunch of fluffy covers, a movie and popcorn.

If you’re feeling up to tackling Hexagram 54, the energy of this moon invites you to look to where there might be a chance to expand or grow as a result of the transformation that’s happening today.

As a daily energy, this could be a big event, and it could be something much more subtle. It might show up as losing connection to something valued, or it might be that the store is out of toilet paper (again). And as always, if something massive is shifting for you today, moon energy may or may not be of any use. You may find yourself saying, “EFF the moon, I want to scream” – then screaming might be the thing to try!

Now … here’s what I really like about the moon’s path today. The next hexagram is Hexagram 61, “Connecting to Centre.” This energy invites you to find your center, to get in touch with your spirit and inner wisdom and truth. It invites that grounding feeling, and is so very supportive following along after 54.

The tarot of this position is also wildly supportive. The 3 of Pentacles encourages you to reach out to your community if needed – they are there to support you. (If you’re feeling like you don’t have community, then hit me up, I’m happy to be an ear or a virtual shoulder to lean on.) The 4 of Pentacles invites in stability and control, with an invitation to release what doesn’t serve you.

The World card invites you to see all that the world has to offer. That can feel difficult right now sometimes (thanks, 2020). And for some, it might feel too hard to access, and that is absolutely okay. For others, this energy may be a welcome support.

Finally, you may be looking at the image and be like, “So Sonja, uh, Devil card is kind of the elephant in the room here, what’s up with that.” The Devil card has a lot of opportunity. Often better connected to Pan, The Devil card represents power, and all that entails. Pan brings the chance to see where you can release the chains that are holding you back, and let them go. 💜

I hope you find this useful today. If you’re interested in how the I Ching and Tarot connect to your own birth chart, I’ve released a new birth chart reading, exclusively from me @ Sonja the Grey. Send me a message if you’d like to learn more, or you can peruse the chart packages here.