Moon Opposite Mercury Today

In Energy Update by Sonja

Y’all. The moon today and tomorrow has some intensity to it.

Right now and through tomorrow, the moon is opposite Mercury. (That’s not the intense part yet.)

Mercury is all about the mind and intellect. (Nope, not the intense part yet either.)

When the moon and Mercury are opposite (as they are regularly), tension can show up between our minds and our hearts, and there’s room for more doubt to show up to the party.

What’s especially powerful about today and tomorrow is not just that they’re opposite, but where they’re opposite – the moon is moving through a patch of sky that might be particularly rough if life hasn’t been feeling super aligned.

Up until now, particularly if there’s something you’re struggling with, today might have felt a bit like a knot in the stomach. Going into this evening, it might feel like you’re right on the edge of an important change. Where maybe anything is possible. Maybe there’s some hope for this knot to get untied, wouldn’t that be lovely!

From there, and through tomorrow, there’s potential for the energy to shift downhill. There’s a potential (not a certainty, not ever) for it to feel like you’re being obstructed from what you need or want. Particularly like others involved might be the cause – perhaps even an element of betrayal. In this place (I call it “The Cocoon”) we go inwards to find the transformation we need to break out. And as the opposition with Mercury ends, the moon moves into an energy of conflict.

Super cheery, right? I’m not all the way through the storm yet here, but it does get better.

The position Mercury is in has the potential to amplify all of it. Mercury is sending us the mental energy of an ending. Endings bring change, the shift from order to chaos … and the potential for doubt.

In other words, in an emotional energy that was already feeling rough, self doubt may be amplified for the next little while.

So. What to do?

One possible key to moving through the next little while with more ease, is to reframe doubt. Rather than pointing it at yourself (because you’re quite lovely, thankyouverymuch), and taking it off of the people around you, can you shift doubt over to curiosity and gentle inquiry?

Looking at problems from a new perspective can make a huge impact. Maybe asking a trusted friend for their thoughts. Or, sometimes asking yourself, “how can I look at this differently?” What that might mean is, try turning the situation on it’s head. Ask yourself things like, “what if everyone loves this thing I’m doing?” “What if this person I think is mad, is busy?” “What is another explanation for why this is happening?”

Sometimes it means getting out of the situation. Go for a walk. Run, jump around your house.

Sometimes you might find answers in unexpected places. Doodle your anger. When that gets tiring, doodle the solution – even if that doesn’t mean anything to you at the time, let your pen hit the page and see what happens. When you’re done, ask yourself if the answer is in your drawing.

Doubt and disorder bring with them the possibility of reimagining what’s possible. And if you suspect that you aren’t the one who can make it possible … I ask, what if you are?

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About those Planets … here’s the deets!

The Moon is moving from 8° Virgo – 24° Virgo, Gates 40, 64, 47, and 6 in Human Design, Hexagrams 40, 64, 47, and 6 in the I Ching. Eight, nine, ten of Pentacles, The Hermit, and The Magician are all influences here.

Mercury is moving from 15° Pisces – 17.37° Pisces, primarily Gate 63 in Human Design, Hexagram 63 in the I Ching (It dips its toe into Gate 22/Hexagram 22 before the conjunction is over). Nine of cups, The Moon (ironic), and The Hanged Man are all influences here.