Doubt Your Guides.

In Intuition by Sonja

Doubt your guides.

Yeah, I said it.

I work with my guides every day. I trust them deeply. I’m regularly in awe of what they have to offer.

And. I’m okay with doubting them from time to time.

THEY are okay with me doubting them.

Doubt and trust are not mutually exclusive.

Doubt and trust can work in harmony – dancing together to bring you to a place that feels good and true.

But why doubt? Why not just trust, when our guides are working in our best interests, and can see more than us, and can understand more than us?

Let’s assume we know that to be true, because digging that one apart isn’t the point of this post. We know beyond any doubt, that our guides know more and can direct us better than we can direct ourselves.

I have at least three reasons.

Sometimes, different guides give conflicting advice. In those moments, doubt will help you find your own path through.

But then, what if it just seems to conflict and it fits together in some way you can’t see. This brings me to my next point …

That no matter what you do, you are still at the mercy of your own interpretation of your guides. The nature of being a human interacting with Spirit means that what you receive gets filtered through your body. Even the most experienced disassociating astral traveller must bring those memories back into their body and process them here.

Which is to say, the interpretation has room for error. And that’s okay. When you accept doubt and trust together, you get more comfortable with being wrong and moving forward anyway. How cool is that.

There’s one more reason to allow doubt.

When you unconditionally believe your guides, “guides” in general get more unconditional faith. This becomes a setup to doubt your own instincts in the face of other people’s guides.

And I think that’s some BS bullsh*t right there.

There are extreme examples of this out there right now. Spiritual teachers asserting that the c-treatment is going to rearrange your DNA, block ascension, or my latest favorite, “kill your soul.”

Just … C’mon now.

For some, this rings true without a second thought (I don’t think I can help them). For others, you might hesitate … and I believe that hesitation comes from deeply buried belief that Spirit is supposed to be right all the time. That hesitation brings fear, worry, anxiety.

And what does that mean with smaller-scale teachings, when something just doesn’t feel right? There’s a subtle pressure in how we handle spirituality on this planet to take it as gospel, no pun intended, again.

Have you ever had a message come from a spiritual mentor that you’ve hung on to for a Very Long Time because it came from their guides, even though it didn’t resonate? I have.

This might make a really uncomfortable feeling show up. A fear that if Spirit can’t be trusted, that what’s even left.

To which I circle back. You can doubt and trust, together.

Sometimes this feels like faith.

Sometimes this feels like skepticism.

Sometimes this feels like “I don’t know what the f*ck you’re up to, Spirit, but I’m down, let’s go.”

And that can be really fun place to play.

But don’t take my word for it.