Podcast Introduction

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Hello hello! Welcome to the wizard files, I’m so glad to have you here with me as we start out on this new adventure. My name is Sonja, you can find me online at sonjathegrey on Instagram and Twitter, and my website is sonjathegrey.com. 

I’m going to keep it short and sweet here in today’s episode, as I introduce what this podcast is – who it’s for, who I am, what I do, and what you can expect. 

So. Who is this for. 
This is a podcast for the seekers. And, I’m going to tell you what I mean by that. 

You feel stuck. 

Up until now, you’ve followed some kind of flow that wasn’t your own. You followed the expectations put on you by family, friends, school, media, society. 

You studied your favorite subjects, along side the “right” ones that you’re “supposed” to be good at. The things you love were fun, but they were distractions. Or they were hard to keep up with as you got older and had to follow the real work. 

Not to mention, you’re wicked smart. You’ve leaned on intellect for most of your life, because that seemed easier, safer, the right thing to do, rather than be “too emotional,” or “too sensitive.” 

So you let go of the things that felt good, one by one, as you grew up. Or, perhaps you outgrew some of the old fun things, but new fun things didn’t pop up in their place because hashtag responsibility. 

And that felt okay at first, because you are an adult now! Responsibilities required focus. You could play once all the work was done … right? 

More and more, there was no time for fun and play. And that still felt okay, because the money was coming in. You were okay. You were safe. 

After a while, earning the income and being self sufficient stopped feeling like an accomplishment. It stopped feeling like ENOUGH. 

So, you turn to the most obvious source of help. The internet. 

Now the internet would love for you to believe that a few affirmations in the morning will pick you right up. So you try that. And you try 100 other hot tips and tricks from all the lists and books and resources. (And of course, don’t forget the app.)
It’s too much. 

You feel like you’ve lost your way. You’re not even sure you know what “your way” is anymore. 

But one thing you know for sure, something has to change. And you’re ready. 

You’re ready for change. And you’re starting to feel like you can’t think your way to an answer this time. Your brain has taken you as far as it can, and it’s not enough. (Hot tip: Your brain is a great tool, but it’s time to stop letting it drive the bus.) 

On this podcast, I want to help you bring that change into your life. I want to help you toss the rules and expectations that aren’t serving you anymore, I want to help you find that path, a new journey, that feels joyful, and purposeful. 

And I’m going to do that by bringing you the brain science, the intuition, the spiritual magic, and the body wisdom. I hope to bring on some of my favorite people to interview from various modalities. My daughter will also likely make unexpected appearances, because she has a tendency to do that. 

I also can’t 100% tell you what’s going to happen on this podcast, because I haven’t planned it out. That’s part of that intuitive wisdom, creating a without a plan (shhhhh – don’t tell the internet!) 

I’m also looking forward to asking questions of you and hearing what you’d like me to address. I cannot wait to have those conversations. 

So, who am I? 
I spent over a decade as a manager in tech. I’ve seen this path walked over and over by my employees, and I’ve walked it myself. As a manager, my goal was to help my employees grow to their full potential, in a way that felt fulfilling for them. 

So I spent years studying how we get ourselves stuck, and how we get ourselves out of it. And, probably not coincidentally, around the same time, I started exploring spirituality, and the energy that connects us all, whether for you that’s God, the Universe, Spirit, I devoted a lot of study and time to understanding how to interact with that energy in my body and my mind.  Because that magic is key to finding that space in your life that fills you up. 
So now … I’m a wizard. Yep. So what does that mean. 

For those who are curious, there’s an episode dedicated to what it means to me to be a wizard and how I got here. The short version is, I show up at a time in your life when the shit has hit the fan. When you’re looking for big change, and you’re ready to set out on your quest to make that big change real. As a wizard, I support you with a combination of brain science, deep intuitive wisdom, and that straight up magical spiritual shit that I can’t always explain. In my client work, I channel spirit through multiple modalities, I do energy work, I coach, I provide that wizardry backup that every hero needs to really make epic change. 

Now why would I do this? Because I dream of a world where you feel free to be yourself. A world where every person feels safe to be their loving, quirky, weird, incredible self, every day. Where we treat each other with empathy and respect, while tossing the expectations that don’t work for us anymore. It IS possible to do both. Where someone being different isn’t automatically cause to feel uncomfortable. A world where weird is beautiful and respected. 

And I believe, the more of us out there living life to it’s fullest, with empathy, and honesty, and all of our weird out on the table, the more amazing all of our lives will be.

Also, cookies. Peanut butter cookies. That is a magic all on it’s own. 
Alright. Thank you everyone, for listening. It’s going to be fun, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.