The Universe Has a Message for You

In Intuition by Sonja

We’re talking signs here. (That’s the “oh, the Universe is talking to me” kind, not the “did I just miss my exit?” kind.)

Go for it, Sparky! I won’t tell.

You may tend to think about signs in one of two ways – that if you ever get to see one, it’ll show up as a lightning strike, or, that there’s no such thing. 
As with so many things, it’s often somewhere in between. 

Many signs start as tiny little nudges. Can they get bigger? Yeah absolutely. But if you had a a choice, wouldn’t you prefer to recognize the little signs – the right kind of flower at the right time, or a call from just the right person – rather than lightning zapping your house to dust? Because chances are, those small sparks are happening before the electricity comes chasing after you. 

It’s tempting to dismiss those little nudges as coincidence, or a pleasant surprise. You can’t proooove how signs work, so it’s easier (read: safer) to dismiss them. But the side effect of that dismissal is that you also dismiss the potential that signs hold for you and your powerful future.  
So let’s assume it’s not a coincidence, and see how the explanations play out. 

Example: I tend to see feathers when I’m having a thought that’s particularly aligned with “me, myself and I.” So let’s “explain it” in a few different ways – 

A/ Brain function. There’s things to notice everywhere. In that moment, I saw a feather. In the past, I’ve noticed a feather and a supportive thought at the same time, and the two became linked in my brain. Now, by noticing a feather and my thinking again, I continue to reinforce that pathway. And when I notice a feather and a supportive thought at the same time, I continue to reinforce the thought – and think, “hey, cool thought, self.”

B/ Spirit, Universe, God. The Universe directed me with a spiritual nudge to notice the feather I was passing in the same moment that I was having a supportive thought that’s in alignment with my higher self. Due to having felt this nudge before with a thought I appreciated, I have made the link that these two things are connected, and Spirit continues to give me this nudge in the future.  I notice the feather, I notice the thought, and I think “sweet, I’ll follow up on that thought again later.”

C/ SciFi. The world is basically the matrix run by God and/or aliens and/or AI, and that feather was effectively put there in the moment, because nothing is real, anyway. It wasn’t there before I had the thought, and thanks to quantum physics and whatever technology is in use, it appeared there right when I needed to notice my aligned thought. 

Ultimately, you can’t prove that any of those are or are not “real.” 

Science could be the final explanation, or it could be the tool in use by … whatever else exists. There’s no way to know. 

I can’t prove where signs come from. I used to be solidly behind A. Lately, I find it the most fun to believe in option B, with a side-eye to option C when it’s been a particularly surreal day. 

And what’s amazing is, it doesn’t impact the outcome. Each belief above leads you to the same place, with regard to you thought – that you had an idea that is aligned with your deeper self, and you noticed it. And hopefully, you acted on it. 

Here’s what I do know about signs. 

They are everywhere, just waiting for you to notice them. 

Not sure what’s a sign, and when a cigar is just a cigar? Listen to your gut. Your intuition knows when something is significant, when it’s time to listen. The more you do that – the more you trust that – the easier it becomes to notice them, and the more connections you can make.

Sometimes, they help you find your career path, or find your way out of a tough relationship. Sometimes, they help you decide what to have for dinner. Sometimes, they change your life.

When you follow signs that help you align to your greatest potential, they will help you shine. 

What signs have you noticed recently? 

My favorite find recently. This one sits on my desk as a reminder to listen.