Letting Go

In Limiting Beliefs by Sonja

I’m sitting oceanside at the Oregon coast this morning, wondering about how if some global catastrophe (natural or otherwise) struck, and humankind was largely wiped out, how long it’d take the earth to come back into balance (my guess is, not very long in the grand scheme of things).

You know, light vacation ponderings.

But it also highlights to me how much of our work we create for ourselves. If we found ourselves knocked back to a time where survival was the primary goal, how many things would we stop giving energy to every day? I’d imagine it’d be most of the things we care about right now.

I’m not advocating for a global cataclysmic event. And with society intact, there are some things we still need to give energy to (like paying the mortgage). But what in your life drains your energy that doesn’t need to?

What could you let go of, right now, today?

oceanPhoto by Dale Nibbe on Unsplash