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AI & Mindset: “You’re Not Good Enough”​

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One of the most important mindset blocks you could possibly work on in the coming years is that voice that says “you’re not good enough.” We’re on the edge of a big shift. Software is getting an overhaul, as AI gets integrated into more and more tools, and as new tools spring out of AI. We’re going to see an explosion of tools in the next few years. Digital helpers of every type. And they’re going to be good at what they do. Really good. Nay-sayers right now are like, “eh, it’s not very good at [insert whatever topic here]. …

Weekend Energy Forecast – July 25-26

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The moon is connected to our feelings, our sense of meaning, our “why.” Not only does it impact who we are when we’re born, but it also has an impact on our day to day experience. These energies move through us like a background beat, and the same beat is there for all of us.​ We won’t all experience them in the same way – your chart, your Human Design authority and strategy, all impact how these energies might impact you.  Sometimes having access to this can help you execute your decisions more smoothly (more on this below). Sometimes, just …

It’s Not Worth Your Life

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My friend’s tears weren’t too unusual on this topic. “It’s awful,” she said, as I listened to her heart sink to the floor. “My manager is always hounding me about deadlines I’m missing because I have too much work to do. My coworker is a jerk, but I have no one to tell when we don’t have HR, besides my manager says it’s my fault. It’s so frustrating, I hate it there.” After a bit, I said, “Wow, that’s all so hard. Are you going to look for a new job?” She blinked at me. “Oh, no I couldn’t. I’ve …