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Archetypes Reading

As an entrepreneur, you are your business. So when you're stuck, your business gets stuck. But unlike a larger company, you can't assign the problem to someone else. You have to fix it. 

Sometimes the problem is a practical, earthly problem. Maybe your marketing doesn't make it clear how your offering will help your clients, or your pricing is too low or too high. 

Sometimes, though, the problem is more elusive. Sometimes the reason your business is stuck is that your energy is stuck, spiritually.

There's energy in and around you that has an impact on how you - and your business - function in the world. These kinds of blockages can impact everything, from your ability to create aligned offerings, to your ability to create a sales process that works for you, to your ability to remember to bill your clients after the sale is complete.

I have created the Archetypes Reading to work directly with what's causing you trouble right now in your business, and get you cleared up and moving. 

The Archetypes Reading works with information from your birth chart, so that it is directly applicable to you and how you function. 

And because the information I uncover is from your chart, it will feel natural to implement. What comes through in an Archetypes Reading feels familiar because it's already a part of who you are.


Let's see what your soul has to say. 

An Archetypes Reading is for you if any of these resonate:

  • You have been struggling to make a change in your work, launch a business or a new product
  • Your business isn't currently earning you a living
  • You feel unmotivated or uninspired with your business 
  • You want your business to have a bigger impact
  • You want to be an entrepreneur but you are afraid to start

If you've ever downloaded a birth chart online, you've probably had the experience of reading your chart and thinking, "this is SPOT ON, and I have NO IDEA what to do with this!" Or perhaps, "It made sense at first, but then it all started to blur together..."

That's where I come in.


^^^ I cast fireballs every day, totally normal.

I take the guesswork out of figuring out what you need next. With information from your chart, and guided messages from the Universe, we cut right to what you need now in your business.

Why Archetypes? If you've ever thought about what your ideal client is like, you already know the value of an archetype. Giving character and personality to an energy, helps you identify it quickly. You can imagine how it might get stuck, how it might get unstuck. 

For example, if you need The Archaeologist in your business, what might that look like? The Archaeologist uncovers truths methodically and persistently, getting to the heart of a matter. The Archaeologist can't slam through their excavation - this will only end in frustration. So when you're working on a problem, if the Sun in your chart is in "The Archaeologist," then you know this is how you approach your work best. Which also means that when you are stuck developing a new offering, you have an Archetype to draw information from. "What would my Archaeologist self do?" might get you out of a few messes before they get too deep. And don't worry - I give you strategies to help with all of it. 

With my intuition, connection to Spirit, and also my background in tech management, I provide practical, aligned support - a powerful resource to have on your side. 

With an Archetypes Reading for $250, you will receive:

  • A recorded audio in which I adventure through the Archetypes in your chart that are currently relevant to your situation. In this recording, you're along for the discovery of how these energies play together, and how I see them impacting your current situation
  • Descriptions of the Archetypes used in your reading, built exclusively by me using a blend of I Ching, Astrology, Human Design, and Tarot
  • Clear, actionable steps for how to know which area you're stuck in, and how to get out

This is different than a marketing plan, or a sales funnel. I'm not going to give you the steps to build your next offer. What I am going to do is give you a new perspective on how you operate in the world, particularly with regard to how you're currently stuck. Then, I'll give you tools for a new approach, that will feel delicious and easy, because they're aligned with who you are. 

What Clients Are Saying

"I can't tell you how affirming this is for following my intuition and my guides. Your delivery was gentle, way more so than anything else that's out there. I feel like this reading finished up me trying to figure myself out.
THIS is a strategy. This is magic."

Sara Taylor, PhD, Trauma & Nervous system coach

"I am blown away by the knowledge dropped on me. You are genius. I am bewildered at how on point you are. You were looking between the layers ... this is unlike any reading I have ever experienced. It is almost like you are reading the "secret clues" that were meant to be hidden until they were in the right hands."

Anna Skavronsky

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